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Rob Barney
October 12, 2019 | Rob Barney

Milestone 138

I'm very excited to announce that the very cool and classy wine bar, Roots and Water, #rootsandwaterwine Just off the design district, is now pouring our 2017 Stressed Vines Pinot Noir. .
If you haven't been to this place yet you owe it to yourself to go. Whether it be just coming in for a glass of some amazing wine, buying a bottle of something a little more obscure, tasting some really cool wines just because AJ wants to share them with you, or bringing in a bottle and friends and sharing with those around you..
This place is amazing. It has a great common room, lockers, and an amazing selection of wines and a great vibe for you to taste them. Our 2017 Pinot Noir was just featured in a recent emailing to all members. We are very grateful for the support. In fact after harvest I am going to become a member here as well.



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