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Effective 8/1/2021* Stressed Vines Wine Club members now enjoy shipments of 4-bottle selections twice a year, each March and October, priority ordering for limited production wines and option to schedule an annual complementary private wine tasting at our tasting room (Appointment Required).  

As a Wine Club member, you will also receive:

  • A 10% discount on all wine purchases, including Wine Club and subsequent purchases
  • A guaranteed allocation of our Vineyard Select Reserve (VSR) wines
  • An opportunity to attend special tasting events (Harvest Party in the Fall and Pick-up party in the Spring)
  • Periodic specials exclusive to wine club members

$180.00 - $190.00 per shipment, not including tax & shipping

* Current Stressed Vines wine club members who joined prior to 8/1/21 retain their original benefits plus any additional benefits that have been added to the program.